Why Millennial's and Gen X Choose WM Wealth Planning


We are always acting in your best interest

No Account Minimum

Everyone deserves access to personalized financial planning, especially those laying the foundation for their future

We Go Beyond The Numbers

Finance is not just numbers, it’s personal. We are focused on your goals and values just as much as your plan.

A Partnership Approach

We don’t just tell you what to do, our process is a collaboration. We are there every step of the way answering your questions and guiding you in the right direction.

To Help Block Out The Noise

Google, the News, your peer will all have information about what you should do but it might not be the right advice for you. 

Casual Meetings

You should never be uncomfortable at any time during a meeting. We are here to listen, empathize and help you as best way can.

Who We Work With

Two of the most underserved groups of people in financial planning are Generation X and Millennials, this made ZERO sense to me (being that I am a millennial). Your 20s-40s are not only a stressful time trying to start and grow your life but also the financial decisions we make now will have a dramatic impact on our future. This is why I created WM Wealth Planning.

Promise to Clients

“The core of who I am is rooted in loyalty and trust – it is the foundation from which I build relationships with my clients. From first time investors to those changing jobs; I am here to support, educate, and offer value in each conversation.” -William Miller Founder / Financial Planner

Commonly Asked Questions

  • What is WM Wealth Planning's investment philosophy?

    While the assets that are held in portfolios will change from client to client based on their individual goals, our investment philosophy is a. you are properly allocated and b. have assets in their proper accounts.

    It is important to grow your investments but it is just as important to keep as much of the growth as possible. That's why we focus on investing your assets with both the short-term and long-term tax implications in mind. 

  • How will our relationship work?

    We are here for our clients whenever they need us via phone, email, or meeting. We have planned meetings with clients twice per year.

    1. April-June Meeting: This meeting is focused on the financial plan. We will discuss what has changed in the past year with you, your goals, and your finances. We will discuss any adjustments that might be needed to help you get to your goals more efficiently.

    2 . September-November Meeting: This meeting is focused on tax strategies that we can use this year to round off your tax bill. We want to make sure that there is an adequate amount of time so that we can discuss the strategies with your accountant to make sure we are all on the same page.

  • Can you work with people in other states?

    While we are located in Pennsylvania, we have to tools and procedures to work with individuals outside of the state. Around half of our current clients are located in other states.

  • Why should I hire WM Wealth Planning?

    This is a great question!

    We are focused on long-term relationships with clients and helping them reach their individual goals. The people we work with become part of our family in addition to being clients. If you are interested in making sure you have the proper plan in place, clear action steps to achieve your goals, and aren't tipping the IRS in the process you are in the right spot!

    You shouldn't consider hiring us if you just want to "beat the market" or are looking for quick ways to get rich.


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