Starting  Point


Get Connected

This is a casual 30 minute phone call for us to get to know one another. If we feel we would work well together, we would enter a financial planning agreement. You can find the fee for developing the plan on the Fee Structure page.

Get Organized

After we enter the planning agreement we will begin to create your plan. In this meeting, we will discuss your finances, your goals, and your concerns.

Get Efficient

This 1 hour meeting will give us a chance to review and discuss your unique Asset-Map and the actions needed to reach your goals. At this time you will have the ability to begin implementing the solutions!

Sleep on It

There is no pressure to onboard as an ongoing client. We only want people to onboard if they feel like they are a good fit. If you decide we aren’t the right advisor for you, that's perfectly ok! We will do our best to point you in the right direction.

Ongoing Planning

The only thing we know for certain is the minute we create the plan together it’s wrong - your goals, your situation, and your priorities will inevitably shift throughout time. This is why we meet twice per year to make sure that we are staying on the right path and completing the necessary action items discussed for your financial plan.

Financial Planning Meeting

April 1st- June 30th

This is an hour meeting where we will talk about what has changed in the past year and make any updates to "The Plan". We will be updating:

  • Your Goals 
  • Your Asset Map
  • Collecting Most Recent Tax Returns
  • Review Investment Performance

Tax Planning Meeting

October 1st- December 15th

This is a 30-45 minute meeting where we will talk about any tax planning opportunities:

  • Contributions To Employer Plan
  • Health Savings Account Contributions
  • Roth Conversions
  • Tax Gain/Loss Harvesting