Bob Smyrl CIC


Bob joined his family’s insurance business over 30 years ago and runs it today with the same values that have always defined Smyrl Insurance as a high-integrity agency. Bob’s hallmarks of service are his knowledge and honesty. Clients appreciate his thorough approach to explaining all types of coverage based on their unique circumstances. It’s common for Bob to hear from clients that he is the first agent to ask certain, questions or the first to explain exactly how a particular coverage works best for them. He believes that educated clients make the most proactive decisions about how to protect their cars, homes, and businesses. Because of the focused time Bob spends with each client, they are more likely to call him ahead of any major changes or purchases to update their coverage. Bob’s clients value the security of knowing that should they have a claim, they won’t find any unpleasant surprises in their policies. When doing periodic reviews, clients have often reflected that Bob has been a constant through every one of their major life changes.


Bob lives in Hatfield, where he and his wife are active in many local community and youth organizations, especially those in which their three sons participated as kids. He holds the designation of Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC), and he has been a guest on the “Legally Speaking” radio show on WNPV 1440AM to speak on insurance matters.